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Commentary: Lies cover up no facts (Xinhua)



Updated: 2009-07-13 15:32

After denying their role in the July 5 riot in Urumqi, the World Uygur Congress (WUC) and its chairwoman Rebiya Kadeer have been busy attempting to twist the truth by spreading a pack of lies and vending fake evidence.

However, the separatists' tricks have been seen through one after another, and Kadeer has been exposed as a liar by her "truths."

On Tuesday, the WUC authored an editorial page article with Kadeer bylined on the Wall Street Journal and a BBC interview to repeat their claims that 400 Uygurs had been killed in Urumqi and a further 100 in Kashgar, the second largest Uygur city in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

"However, her claims appear to conflict directly with eyewitness testimonies and other reports gathered by international media on the ground in Urumqi over the last three days," said a report of Britain's Daily Telegraph sent from Urumqi July 8.

On the same day, lies of the WUC were caught red-handed in Munich, Germany. At a press conference held by the WUC, attendees made a sharp retort with photos against the organization's allegation that 600 to 800 Uygurs were killed in riots in Urumqi on July 5.

Besides numbers, the WUC and Kadeer have also been meticulous about their image "evidence" presented to the international media.

In a July 7 interview with Al Jazeera, Kadeer showed a photo which purported to show "peaceful Uygur protesters" in Urumqi and how they were being cracked down by police. The photo was later found to be cropped from a Chinese news website image on an unrelated June 26 protest in Shishou, Hubei Province.

Another enlarged photo provided by the Uyghur American Association for "East Turkestan" separatist troublemakers gathering in front of the Chinese Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, however, was exposed by netizens as a traffic accident scene shot on May 15 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, thousands of kilometers away.

The separatists are making a smug calculation with their ham-handed lies. Firstly, they attempted to cover up their role of instigating and masterminding the July 5 riot in Urumqi and sugar up their atrocities and violence with "peaceful protests."

Secondly, they distorted the truth, tarnished the Chinese government's ethnic policies, sabotaged national unity and continued their rabble-rousing activities by fanning hatred.

And thirdly, they played the "victim card," and disguised mobsters as the "underprivileged" and "peaceful protestors" in order to win the support and sympathy of the international community.

Lies, however, dissolve themselves before truth. Separatists like Kadeer have arrived at the end of their tether. They could only brace themselves up by fabricating new lies to mend the cracked ones.

The only thing they can get in the end is to expose their ugliness as "East Turkestan" separatists and make a fool of themselves by blundering around.

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